Saturday, December 20, 2008


just an update to say i think it makes sense if we divide and conquer, heidi does stills printing and i do the groceries/electronics drop midday today.

I'll be dropping off camera, laptop i think, decent computer speakers (audio could incorporate music OR even play layered audio from previous things, depending on cacophony of space, maybe we want to do an audio experiment with one shoot and not with the other?).

if the food is too much for one trip i bet i can do two runs from across the street and be fine, i think it depends on the fruit?

I uploaded a bunch of stills to flickr from ellen's & the first (& second, though we are maybe not printing this?) table building - I asked heidi to print 20 half page stills, 2 to a page from ellen's and the table building is that everything we are missing?

Friday, December 19, 2008

scale, and reconsidering

re. scale of picture-deciding: I'm still open. I think it will help to see things printed out. I just uploaded the rest of the stuff we selected, and I made selections from ellens. In some cases there are a bit more than we need -- maybe is what the printouts will help with

I think i have a whole unopened box of 5 tapes at LMCC and possibly the firewire cord for the camera,which i will check when i meet carissa there at 2 tomorrow with a carload of food

in the meantime, check out flickr

Thursday, December 18, 2008

update on event planning and newspapers

Brooklyn Brewery may sponsor us for the January event  but we will have to wait another week to hear from them. 

Mark from the Jones may not be in the area. If not, a small challenge of locally minded food sources might be in order.

I am warming up to the local wine vendor down street. There might be a donation on the horizon.

Photocopying is not possible in the building without a code. We will have to make room for a small percentage of photocopying to be covered in our budget, unless there is a Saturday work station that is not cold like the dusty forge, that could work.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

our brunch agenda!!!

this is what was determined as our division of labor. we are going to meet at LMCC at 10 am on sunday to begin preparation. the reminder email and rsvp confirmation emails should be sent on wednesday or thursday morning? and then we could submit the final rsvp list to them friday midday? am i forgetting anything? this is open to edits.


  • email reminder for your group
  • rest of food shopping
  • adjustment of lights
  • installation of stills?
  • a script?
  • the egg project?

  • email reminder for your group
  • newspapers (great speckled bird, adirondacks papers, W.Y.W.A.)
  • music
  • small plates, napkins, and cups
  • klatch run


  • email reminder for your group
  • printing of stills
  • rest of food shopping
  • installation of stills


  • email reminder for your group
  • select remainder of stills
  • collection of rsvps
  • klatch run


  • juice
  • grapes and bananas
  • party rye
  • whole wheat toast
  • mini bagels
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • tofutti cream cheese
  • jam


  • eggs
  • griddle
  • condiments


  • avocados?
  • hummus
  • cheese

monday night meeting agenda for december 21st

so these are notes for next monday, still open for edits.

  1. review footage from sunday

  2. dinner

  3. discuss book! layout the sample book!
  4. 10 minutes review of budget


  1. dinner
  2. footage from the brunch!
  3. receipts from brunch to affix to money column


  1. see brunch agenda for details

monday meeting review

This is what we accomplished last night. Brunch agenda and next monday's meeting agenda to follow.


  1. dinner!

  2. reviewed footage from last monday's meeting (table part two)

  3. reviewed rsvp for brunch thus far

  4. make shopping list for brunch and schedule


  1. asked ian about final cut pro validity!

  2. emailed invite for brunch filming!

  3. began to gather rsvps for LMCC!

Monday, December 8, 2008

table montages

monday night meeting agenda for december 15th

this is the upcoming agenda for next monday's meeting! it is always open for editing!

  1. choose and arrange the stills
  2. dinner
  3. review footage from last monday's meeting (table part two)
  4. review rsvp for brunch thus far
  5. make shopping list for brunch
  6. make a calendar

  1. dinner: we have veggie burgers in the freezer. so bread, fixings, side dish?
  2. drinks: we have wine.
  3. print outs of new stills

  1. ask ian about final cut pro validity - natalie
  2. email invite for brunch filming
  3. gather rsvps in list for LMCC?

monday meeting review

this is what we accomplished:

  1. level and screw together the table
  2. mark placement on the floor of table

  3. dinner
  4. review the stills

  5. review footage from LMCC december 6
  6. make agenda for following monday meeting
SUPPLIES (these were all brought!)
  1. dinner- cookies:liz, soup:carissa, bread&cheese:heidi, something else?:natalie
  2. drinks-heidi
  3. mitre box and handsaw-natalie
  4. drill-heidi
  5. footage from december 6
  6. print outs of stills- liz
  7. lazy susan research- liz
  8. roll of paper-liz
  9. labeled past receipts to be put on 'column of expenses' (zipcar, dv tapes, etc)

  1. compile a group email list---still working on it
  2. look at stills already posted on flickr (
  3. natalie and carissa to extract stills from ellen's and lmcc (though i think this one could be together while we are reviewing saturday's footage)

does anyone know how to strike through lines of text on a blog? also, is it okay if i put some space photos on my facebook? should we make a facebook group?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

monday night meeting agenda for december 8th

this is the typed version of my notes from this afternoon. this is a rough list open to suggestions and edits. i liked today.

  1. level and screw together the table
  2. mark placement on the floor of table
  3. 10 minute budget overview
  4. dinner
  5. review the stills
  6. storyboard the lulu book
  7. review brunch invitation feedback
  8. discuss donations progress
  9. review footage from LMCC december 6
  10. make agenda for following monday meeting
  1. dinner- cookies:liz, veggies:carissa, bread&cheese:heidi, something else?:natalie
  2. drinks-heidi
  3. mitre box and handsaw-natalie
  4. drill-heidi
  5. footage from december 6
  6. print outs of stills- liz
  7. lazy susan research- liz
  8. roll of paper-liz
  9. labeled past receipts to be put on 'column of expenses' (zipcar, dv tapes, etc)

  1. compile a group email list
  2. look at stills already posted on flickr (
  3. natalie and carissa to extract stills from ellen's and lmcc (though i think this one could be together while we are reviewing saturday's footage)
  4. xerox notes
  5. gather newspapers
  6. order lulu book final january 7th (this was on the list--just a reminder)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ok I am weighing in for everyone

ok everyone

liz you are the only one i haven't talked to. general consensus is 11 am start time saturday, will that work? if it needs to be pushed later i need to push it to dinner time like 5 or 6, not midafternoon.

hoping to leave by 3 saturday, others of course welcome to stay. thinking table building shoot+meeting+calendar making+takeout lunch on the table. i have already established the deli next door as well apportioned by bodega standards.

saturday am i am going to:
stop by studio and get circular saw

bring possibly oversize plastic dish i have been irrationally holding onto thinking it has some potluck use

bring DV tapes

and my computer
so we can also possibly make some headway on remaining still selection?

liz, let us all know about time. you had an opening tonight huh?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what's up saturday?

When should we do the shoot? 11 am? 3pm and conclude with dinner? weigh in!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday, Dec 1 Report

Yesterday we got table sawhorse legs out for a nice walk and subway ride. The lightweight tripod came to just under $40. May want to saw bottoms of sawhorse legs to be flush with floor. Initiated movement to evaluate funds and create a budget action-plan. Space appreciated, almonds snacked, tape rolled, echo listened-to. Heidi now has key.

Or this?

Could this be a photo option?

I don't know why there is a line in the middle. There wasn't one before.

Monday, December 1, 2008

the 6th post

Well, I thought that this was going to be the space that would be instead of a website, that would have the calendar and what is on the calendar and the aftermath. It is nice to have a place for this too. Could we organize it into categories? Also, I uploaded things to the flickr, which I think I should just put them here too?

So many questions!

edit me

you guys can feel free to edit/change all the beserko ness i added after i realized that i had already laid out a blog for this damn project & so needed to add the videos and links to this one instead. my question is, is this just for us, is it just to link on the LMCC site, or or or?

i know it is kind of foppish to have quotes, but i like having a place to put the things i come across doing other reading/research, at the same time it is potentially always a problem to be sharing group ideas about work that might or might not happen in a public place, but maybe that is the point, and we just expose ourselves a little more than usual?

another quote, about "Al's Cafe"

Allan McCollum on Allen Ruppersberg
Allen Ruppersberg:
What One Loves About Life Are the Things That Fade


The Cafe was intended to be a limited-run restaurant, staged once a week—Thursday nights from eight to eleven—in a rented location in downtown Los Angeles. It was to function socially as a meeting place for friends, members of the art world, and anyone else who wanted to drop by. In direct opposition to what one might have expected from a young artist at the time, the decor was familiar to the point of strangeness: hyperfamiliar, you might say today. The look was as crafted as a movie set, true to the period, though the period could have been anywhere from 1925 to 1969. Against all Minimalist, Post-Minimalist, and Conceptualist expectations, this cafe was not an idea as an idea as an idea; it was sumptuously filled with romantic detail, suggesting a cafe that had existed for a lifetime of years and was filled with Middle American memorabilia—posters, nature calendars, fishing paraphernalia, pinups, picture postcards, and autographed photos of movie stars and sports heroes. The patterns of the tablecloths were everyday plaid, the counter and the tables and chairs were traditional. Odd bits of advertising novelties were everywhere, souvenirs of past events abounded, and the waitresses were beautiful. This was Al's Cafe, the American cafe of all American cafes, looking as if it had been nurtured for forty years by a caring cafe-owner, filled with memories to be shared with generations of patrons. It was a place where any American would have felt at home. It was exorbitantly familiar.

But once one recognized this, and once one was comfortable, a strangeness was invited to the table. The menu supplied by the beautiful waitress was on the outside perfectly normal-looking—but the "dishes" were rather odd. The first offering ("FROM THE BROILER") was TOAST AND LEAVES. The second offering was DESERT PLATE AND PURPLE GLASS. The third offering was SIMULATED BURNED PINE NEEDLES A LA JOHNNY CASH, SERVED WITH A LIVE FERN. And so on. From salad to desert, Al's Cafe mediated nature into sculpture, brought the forest and the desert to your table. And it was not, as I thought for a moment, a joke. When a person ordered a "plate," the waitress brought the order to the "kitchen" behind the counter, the "cook" (Ruppersberg) put together the dish (rather quickly, as I remember), and the order was delivered to the table—perhaps a SMALL DISH OF PINE CONES AND COOKIE ($1.50), or maybe THREE ROCKS WITH CRUMPLED WAD ($1.75).

2 quotes from 'The Power of Feminist Art', 1994

From “Womanhouse” by Arlene Raven
The Womanhouse Dining Room, a collaboration among Beth Bachenheimer, Sherry Brody, Karen LeCoq, Robin Mitchell, Miriam Schapiro, and Faith Wilding, is a formal family room, but unoccupied (p. 50). The table is elaborately laid, but with entirely inedible artificial food (such as treated bread dough) on sewn fabric plates. A mural interpretation of a still life by Anna Peal on the wall features food more believable (although two-dimensional) than the chilly dinner on the table. The Dining Room is linked to other spaces by the passage of the viewer from room to room

From “Collaboration” by Judith E. Stein
In [Suzanne Lacy’s] view, the public rituals she creates form a continuum with the pageants staged by turn-of-the-century women’s labor and suffrage movements. Mindful that “organizers used dinners, birthday parties, and gift-giving as rituals to … build a sense of solidarity,” she has often shaped preexisting women’s networks into feminist art forms. For example, on March 14, 1979, she set in motion “The International Dinner Party” event to mark the opening of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. Over two thousand women dined together in various-sized groups to honor women of their choice.
Lacy went on to mine the informal collaborative tradition of the potluck dinner, which Lucy Lippard has insightfully described as “a classically feminist collage [bringing] together a highly disparate group of women and their culinary offerings.” In 1980, the Women’s Caucus for Art was obliged to hold its annual convention in New Orleans, in a state that had not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Lacy was invited by conference organizers to participate in the planning process, and collectively they staged the entire five-day event as an “expanded performance.” As a symbolic protest, they stayed in private homes and boycotted restaurants. The conference opened with a potluck meal that brought together five hundred ethnically diverse women to celebrate their southern heroines. Lacy choreographed this and other communal dinners as performances that succeeded in raising the political consciousness of the local women’s community. She also involved local artists in a variety of events and strategized an ERA media campaign.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Signing

The meeting-up and paper-review at LMCC yesterday went well yesterday.

The main logistical consideration is that we have only one key. So. Getting in and out during business hours is fine, no key necessary, we can get in through the LMCC office. Everything locks behind the last person out, so someone non-last person can take key, etc.

We set up to move in on Sunday, with things we can carry through the main door and elevators. Any large things (such as the table top) will need to be brought in by freight elevator, which is only available during business hours.

When should we meet up on Sunday to move in? What do we bring with us? Quick review of the plan: we're moving in such as camera, ladder, tape measure on Sunday, and then setting up the camera and taking measurements on how big the table should be, right? Then on Monday we're meeting up, going to such as Home Depot, and getting the table materials and moving them to the space? Maybe to avoid the parking/traffic issues we should hire van-person from HD to LMCC? Or maybe the tabletop is small enough we can carry on the train?

I guess the idea, right, is to get all the materials we will need and move them to LMCC before Saturday, where our actual filming and table-construction will happen.

How about we meet at 11:00 on 30th Street on Sunday?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

i had to sign in as myself

otherwise i will lose the damn password.

i did have an idea! first blog:

maybe stills from the things we do separately are one book, and stills from the dinners and together activities are a second book. and the titles are "separately" and "together"

i don't know if this has implications for what is LMCC/not LMCC. what do you all think?