Saturday, December 6, 2008

monday night meeting agenda for december 8th

this is the typed version of my notes from this afternoon. this is a rough list open to suggestions and edits. i liked today.

  1. level and screw together the table
  2. mark placement on the floor of table
  3. 10 minute budget overview
  4. dinner
  5. review the stills
  6. storyboard the lulu book
  7. review brunch invitation feedback
  8. discuss donations progress
  9. review footage from LMCC december 6
  10. make agenda for following monday meeting
  1. dinner- cookies:liz, veggies:carissa, bread&cheese:heidi, something else?:natalie
  2. drinks-heidi
  3. mitre box and handsaw-natalie
  4. drill-heidi
  5. footage from december 6
  6. print outs of stills- liz
  7. lazy susan research- liz
  8. roll of paper-liz
  9. labeled past receipts to be put on 'column of expenses' (zipcar, dv tapes, etc)

  1. compile a group email list
  2. look at stills already posted on flickr (
  3. natalie and carissa to extract stills from ellen's and lmcc (though i think this one could be together while we are reviewing saturday's footage)
  4. xerox notes
  5. gather newspapers
  6. order lulu book final january 7th (this was on the list--just a reminder)

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