Saturday, December 20, 2008


just an update to say i think it makes sense if we divide and conquer, heidi does stills printing and i do the groceries/electronics drop midday today.

I'll be dropping off camera, laptop i think, decent computer speakers (audio could incorporate music OR even play layered audio from previous things, depending on cacophony of space, maybe we want to do an audio experiment with one shoot and not with the other?).

if the food is too much for one trip i bet i can do two runs from across the street and be fine, i think it depends on the fruit?

I uploaded a bunch of stills to flickr from ellen's & the first (& second, though we are maybe not printing this?) table building - I asked heidi to print 20 half page stills, 2 to a page from ellen's and the table building is that everything we are missing?

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