Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Signing

The meeting-up and paper-review at LMCC yesterday went well yesterday.

The main logistical consideration is that we have only one key. So. Getting in and out during business hours is fine, no key necessary, we can get in through the LMCC office. Everything locks behind the last person out, so someone non-last person can take key, etc.

We set up to move in on Sunday, with things we can carry through the main door and elevators. Any large things (such as the table top) will need to be brought in by freight elevator, which is only available during business hours.

When should we meet up on Sunday to move in? What do we bring with us? Quick review of the plan: we're moving in such as camera, ladder, tape measure on Sunday, and then setting up the camera and taking measurements on how big the table should be, right? Then on Monday we're meeting up, going to such as Home Depot, and getting the table materials and moving them to the space? Maybe to avoid the parking/traffic issues we should hire van-person from HD to LMCC? Or maybe the tabletop is small enough we can carry on the train?

I guess the idea, right, is to get all the materials we will need and move them to LMCC before Saturday, where our actual filming and table-construction will happen.

How about we meet at 11:00 on 30th Street on Sunday?

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