Monday, December 8, 2008

monday meeting review

this is what we accomplished:

  1. level and screw together the table
  2. mark placement on the floor of table

  3. dinner
  4. review the stills

  5. review footage from LMCC december 6
  6. make agenda for following monday meeting
SUPPLIES (these were all brought!)
  1. dinner- cookies:liz, soup:carissa, bread&cheese:heidi, something else?:natalie
  2. drinks-heidi
  3. mitre box and handsaw-natalie
  4. drill-heidi
  5. footage from december 6
  6. print outs of stills- liz
  7. lazy susan research- liz
  8. roll of paper-liz
  9. labeled past receipts to be put on 'column of expenses' (zipcar, dv tapes, etc)

  1. compile a group email list---still working on it
  2. look at stills already posted on flickr (
  3. natalie and carissa to extract stills from ellen's and lmcc (though i think this one could be together while we are reviewing saturday's footage)

does anyone know how to strike through lines of text on a blog? also, is it okay if i put some space photos on my facebook? should we make a facebook group?

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