Saturday, January 17, 2009

Islip Resarch

Met Mary and Bill at Islip the other day. They are VERY excited and willing to be very flexible and accommodating.

Here is the lowdown.

  1. I have reserved two ladders for installation, one 12 foot and the other 16 feet
  2. They will re-paint a window that is seeping light, and cut a board that covers the glass in the door.
  3. There is a "cubby" around both sides of the fireplace for a possible book install(sign-in book)
  4. We have the option of installing the weekend after the previous exhibit gets de-installed. We have to coordinate in advance with them as they are normally closed on Sundays. The are willing to staff a "day-off", in which case we should let WSW know if anyone else would like to use a staffed weekend day.
  5. I have detailed documentation/video of the space(uploading soon to come, cord at studio)
  6. We need: installation mounting mechanism for the ceiling( I have drawings and measurements that will guide this)
  7. They will have accessible a saw, misc hardware, paint on site. For install it is encouraged however to bring any tools that we will be using often.
  8. Possible option to have the door window used for a sign/display.
  9. Curtains should be double layered and 59" wide by 100" (to beam) or 111" (to floor)
  10. Encouraged to make the projection holder first and then create the structure to install it to the ceiling beams or light beams (is better to visualize with photos)

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